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Similarly to metal roofing, more and more homeowners are turning to metal siding for their homes because of its ample benefits. Given that it comes in a vast variety of colors, types, and thicknesses of ribs, it’s an excellent option for homes of any design. If you are ready to explore the world of steel siding, contact the seasoned team at Advanced Roofing of Central Georgia.

Qualified and Knowledgable Steel Siding Specialists

Metal siding is the go-to choice for many homeowners who want to experience the benefits of this excellent construction material. Steel siding comes in several shapes and sizes, from large panels to smaller shingles, so you can use it to replicate any home design style.

Steel siding offers many benefits to those who choose it, such as being incredibly durable, requiring little to no maintenance, it’s proven to help keep your home safe from fire hazards, and being all-around beautiful to look at. So choosing steel siding is a win-win for homeowners! There are many different styles of metal siding that our friendly team will help you choose between to deliver the exact look and style that you want:

Standing Seam Metal. A standing seam exterior is a classic metal siding choice that offers clean lines. Standing seam panels can easily deliver that look if you’re looking for a modern or contemporary design. But their many color options can also lend themselves to a modern farmhouse design- the possibilities are endless!

Varied Steel Styles. Your home can be composed of steel panels, metal shingles, and flat metal panels to provide depth and texture to your home’s overall appearance. Steel can deliver any design style with various colors and options, like shiplap or batten, to choose from.

Steel Accents. Add visual appeal to your home’s design by adding steel accents to specific areas you want to highlight. Some ideas could be the top of the house to accent a beautiful roofline, around windows, or an oversized front door.

Mixed Material Exteriors. One of the great things about steel siding is that it compliments other exterior building materials well, allowing you to create a stylish two-toned look. Wood, vinyl, or cement board are all options that can complement a steel exterior.

Horizontal or Vertical Panels. One of the great things about steel siding is the ability to install the seams to run in either direction. Both ways look great and provide design flexibility when planning your home’s exterior.

Advanced Roofing of Central Georgia For Superior Metal Siding

Steel siding is an excellent option for building a new home or refinishing your exterior. Our team has been working with steel for many years, and we love helping homeowners get their questions answered and make the best choice for their houses. You can reach us by calling 478-922-8898 or by filling out our website contact form.