Residential Siding Repair
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Siding Repair

What to Expect from a Professional Residential Roofing Services Company

Over the years, your home’s siding can take a beating. We have seen it all from UV damage, wind and hail damage, or loose siding and gaps. Thankfully, there are many ways that your siding can be salvaged with a professional repair and replacement from the proficient team at Advanced Roofing of Central Georgia.

We are a part of the Better Business Bureau, insured and more than qualified to get the job done quickly and efficiently for you. Whether a large insurance claim or a simple fix, we get the job done right!

For All Your Home Siding Repair Needs in Middle Georgia

Two popular siding choices for homes in this area are vinyl and cement. The skilled siding specialists at Advanced Roofing of Central Georgia are seasoned in both types of siding repair. Here is how we fix your siding:

Detailed Consultation. Our team will sit with you and review the best options for your siding repair job. Whether it's a vinyl or Hardie Board repair, we will match your home’s exterior and ensure that everything has been covered to provide only quality work and customer satisfaction.

Thorough Inspection. Our team will look closely to ensure that every crack, dent, or loose piece of siding is accounted for and scheduled to be repaired.

Best in Class Warranty. Both Royal Vinyl and Hardie Board cement siding offers excellent product warranties. Combined with our industry-leading warranty on our labor and installation, you can feel good knowing that all siding replacements and repairs from Advanced Roofing of Central Georgia are 100% covered.

Call Advanced Roofing of Central Georgia For Your Home Siding Repair

The outside of your home has the critical job of keeping moisture and the elements out and from letting critters get in. So, when it comes time to repair your home’s siding, don’t wait. You can feel good knowing that your home is in the hands of our qualified team.

The trusted and reputable team at Advanced Roofing of Central Georgia has been helping homeowners fix, repair, and replace their vinyl and cement siding. For more information and a complimentary estimate, reach out to us by sending your contact information through our website form or by calling 478-922-8898.